Pondering a Question:  What does it mean to be a witness?

How do I witness?

prayers of my heart, a collection of articles and writings by C. Alicia Randolph

During these pandemic days, I have been pondering a question: What does it mean for me to be a witness for my faith? The question emerged as I was thinking about the first martyr Stephen and his witness and I was thinking about it in the midst of a pandemic week that was filled with news that challenged me about how I am using my voice these days and how I am using my pen as well. Or, if I am at all.

It is tradition, during the Great Fifty days of Easter, that in place of the Old Testament passage, the gathered church (or in these days, the separated online church) reads a passage from Acts of the Apostles. The readings of Acts, through this time, present the life, growth and witness of the early Church and prepare us for Pentecost. The passages from Acts are some of the…

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